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Visualize Active Directory Site Connections

In this post I use powershell with graphviz to create an Active Directory diagram of all site connections between servers. Additionally, I’ve included some code which displays site connection options. You may be able to use this to find isolated DCs or just to see a pretty diagram.


To actually generate the diagrams you will need graphviz’s dot.exe executable which can be downloaded and installed here. Or here is a portable version of the application you can try utilizing. All you need is for the dot.exe file to work correctly to generate your diagram. You may have to modify this script to use the appropriate path to the executable if you use the portable version of graphviz.


Version         :   1.0.0 Oct 6th 2013

– First release




None. This was just a side thought I had while working on something else. The additional code for returning site connection options from AD is pretty cool as well.


Download the script here

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