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PowerShell: Azure ARM Site Overview

Visualizing an Azure deployment can be a bit tricky. This short Azure summary script is a good way to start though.

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Powershell: System Report Script Design

In this post I go back and explain some of my reasoning behind decisions I made in the design of an already released script, Get-AssetReport. This was written over a year ago and forgotten about as one of the many unpublished drafts on my blog. The code behind the script I discuss has been upgraded and used in several of my more popular scripts (AD Asset Report, F5 LTM Report, and Lync 2013 Status Report). Some of this content is slightly dated as I’ve since changed some of the coding but the core concepts are the same. Those digging through my crazy work or learning powershell may get some value from this content so I tidied it up a bit and here it is. Cheers!

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Lync 2013: The Many QoS Settings

There are more than a few QoS settings in Lync 2013. Here is a script which should gather most of them in a human readable format for your convenience.

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