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Ubuntu Server 8.04 Post Install Tip #4: Setup SMART

2008-07-11 5 min read Linux Ubuntu Zachary Loeber

Setup SMART Disk Monitoring

If your disk is going bad no one going to tell you about it until you start hearing it. And if you start hearing issues with your drive it may be too late to backup your data or do anything else you need to do to not be driveless. I’m uncertain why some of this is not available as an install option for more distros but a good warning before the storm can save your data and your sanity.

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Ubuntu Server 8.04 Post Install Tip #3: Blacklist Modules

2008-07-06 2 min read Linux Ubuntu Zachary Loeber

Here is another one that you may find useful to do after a default install of probably any Linux server, Disabling extra stuff from loading at startup. Ubuntu loads a ton of them and many I do not use at all. Since when do you need joystick or sound support on a server anyway? Anyways, here are some I disable and how I disable them.

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Ubuntu Server 8.04 Post Install Tip #1: Auto Updating

2008-07-03 3 min read Linux Networking Ubuntu Zachary Loeber

On a headless server that you have at home or for testing I like to make sure that all security updates and trivial updates are done automatically. A good sys admin will shy away from this practice for a good reason, updates can mess things up. In a production environment or where the server setup is very complex I can understand the need to manually run updates. For me, well I’m lazy when it comes to my home machines and generally don’t have too complex of setups. Also, in my experience, I’ve hardly ever seen an apt security or trivial update cause any harm (desktop linux I have seen issues though). That being said, I like to force security and trivial updates to happen daily.

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