Zachary Loeber

I eat complexity and am never without a meal.

The Declarative Mindset

2020-07-11 10 min read devops Zachary Loeber

I’m going to wax poetic on the virtues of declarative thinking within the IT industry. Along the way we will go over some definitions and introduce the pseudo-declarative manifest and how it can add value to a project.

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Libvirt Terraform Kubernetes Lab

2020-04-20 7 min read devops terraform Kubernetes Zachary Loeber

I found out that it is relatively easy to setup a local Kubernetes cluster in Linux using terraform and the libvirt provider.

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Kubernetes App Deployments with Terraform

2020-04-02 7 min read DevOps Kubernetes Zachary Loeber

Deploying applications via the kubernetes terraform provider is a viable solution for some workloads.

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