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New Project:

2008-08-06 1 min read Uncategorized Zachary Loeber
I’ve been trying to get this one out for weeks but have not had a whole lot of time to do so. I’ve decided to drop what I have completed out there for those who may be interested. Simply put bridgetunis a convenient way to create tun interfaces and to bridge them (and other interfaces) together. I’d give it a once over and see if it helps with any of your dynamips labs. Continue reading

GNS3 on Ubuntu 8.04 – Pemu Guide

2008-07-07 4 min read Uncategorized Zachary Loeber

Ok, so far we have gone through the hoops to get GNS3 with dynamips/dynagen working nicely in an (almost) fully contained directory in /opt. We then went through choosing an IOS image that is right for you, if you actually have multiple legal images to choose from of course. Now lets setup a pix firewall. The PIX is out of life as far as Cisco is concerned and had been superseded by the ASA line of security devices. But, there are still a lot of the PIX around and the concepts haven’t changed too much between them. So let us go through the motions already!

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Ubuntu Server 8.04 Post Install Tip #2: Shell Goodies

2008-07-03 3 min read Uncategorized Zachary Loeber

OK, I promised a friend some time ago that I’d post all of my post-install procedures and I’ve not quite followed through with that so I’m doing a few before finishing up my three part post on the “Home Hacker’s Network”. These are all just little hacks I’ve come across and modified to suit my needs. I like this one a bunch as it gives me a nice shell prompt when I login as well as when I use screen (although the gnu screen configuration part is mutually exclusive to the shell modification part).

So lets get started…

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