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Gather Local Group Membership With Powershell

Gather system local groups and their members for one or more systems using wmi, alternate credentials, and multiple runspaces. Function supports custom timeout parameters in case of wmi problems, a switch for inclusion of empty groups in the results, and returns group names with their members. You can view verbose information on each runspace thread in realtime with the -Verbose option. Version History 1.0.0 – 09/11/2013 Initial release Notes None, this is an independent release of a function I’ve recently included in a larger project. Continue reading

Excel and HTML Asset Reports With Powershell

This set of powershell functions collates and generates reports upon system information it gathers. Information gathered includes hardware health, system information, networking information and much much more. Multiple types of html reports can be generated and all data can be exported directly to an excel workbook, saved as individual reports, and emailed.

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Multithreaded Remote Registry Gathering with Powershell

Gather specific subkey values or an entire registry key’s subkey values with powershell and multithreading.

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