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Audit User Profile Folders With Powershell

This function will aggregate sub-folders within a folder on a server and attempt to associate them with user IDs within a domain and provide additional information. This script can also be used to move folders for disabled or non-existent accounts.


If you find yourself needing to go through a load of old user profiles this function may be able to help. This function goes through a specified directory and can perform the following:

  • Look up user ids in AD which match the folder names and determine if they are enabled or even exist.
  • Move profiles where users are disabled to another folder
  • Move profiles where users are not found to another folder
  • Report on the size of each profile folder
  • Report on the most recently updated file within each profile folder
  • Report if errors were found accessing any files within a profile folder


Version : 1.0.0 June 21th 2013

– First release


I only included the ability to move folders to the local volume. Also, deeply nested folders may throw errors. These are both shortcomings/limitations of the built in move-item powershell command and .NET. I tinkered with using powerrobocopy.ps1 instead but ultimately left it out to remove a dependency.

I use the lastlogontimestap AD property to determine the last logon for a user. If you are on a pre-2003 AD infrastructure then this script may not be for you (In fact, this decade may not be for you, upgrade your domain already!).


This script may be a good starting point for a user profile migration move or possibly a data archiving initiative within your organization. The function is currently limited to a single server and folder but can easily be expanded upon (that is the nature of free scripts after all!)


Download the script from the technet gallery (more frequently updated)

Download the script from this site (less frequently updated)

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