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Multithreaded System Asset Gathering with Powershell

This function gathers a plethora of useful system information via WMI and multithreading with powershell.


I took another script and modified it to suit my needs for yet another personal project I’m working on. This is the result.

Version History

1.1.0 – 8/3/2013

· Added several parameters

· Removed parameter sets in favor of arrays of custom object as note properties

· Removed ICMP response requirements

· Included more verbose runspace logging

1.0.2 – 8/2/2013

· Split out system and OS architecture (changing how each it determined)

1.0.1 – 8/1/2013

· Updated to include several more bits of information and customization variables

1.0.0 – ???

· Discovered original script on the internet and totally was blown away at how awesome it is.


WMI prefered over CIM as there no speed advantage using cimsessions in multithreading against old systems. Starting around line 263 you can modify the WMI_Props arrays to include extra wmi data for each element should you require information I may have missed. You can also change the default display properties by modifying $defaultProperties. Keep in mind that including extra elements like the drive space and network information will increase the processing time per system. You may need to increase the timeout parameter accordingly.


Download the script from the technet gallery (more frequently updated)

Download the script from this site (less frequently updated)