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Powershell: WPF/Treeview OU Selection Dialog

This is a self-contained organizational unit selection dialog box using powershell, xaml, wpf, and ADSI. Should be useful in any number of one off Powershell projects I imagine.

    A self contained WPF/XAML treeview organizational unit selection dialog box. 
    A self contained WPF/XAML treeview organizational unit selection dialog box. No AD modules required, just need to be joined to the domain. 
    $OU = Get-OUDialog 
    Author: Zachary Loeber 
    Requires: Powershell 4.0 
    Version History 
    1.0.0 - 03/21/2015 
        - Initial release (the function is a bit overbloated because I'm simply embedding some of my prior functions directly 
          in the thing instead of customizing the code for the function. Meh, it gets the job done... 

Because I was lego building my other bits of code together for this function I do a few slightly wonky things to populate the treeview properly. I first generate a json exportable object of the tree based on CanonicalName of the OUs. Then I recursively create listitems with the data using the CanonicalName as the tag data. Then I return distinguishedName as the results by converting the CN to DN again with a super fast and dirty hack function. So, goal acccomplished but in a round about way.

There are some also rather largish functions included in this example for what was to be the beginning of a generic ADSI library. I use these to query AD to avoid any dependencies on the AD cmdlets (at the expense of blowing up the overall script size by quite a bit).

Anyway, I uploaded this to the technet script gallery and my github repo.

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