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Lync 2013: Scripting QoS Config on Edge Servers

In many environments the Lync 2013 edge servers are configured in a standalone workgroup without any easy method for setting standard policies (such as GPOs). To make QoS configuration a bit less manual and error prone I’ve put together this script which can be run in an administrative powershell prompt. It will update the NLA setting (or create it if it doesn’t already exist), backup and prompt for removal any existing Qos settings, then import the registry settings for Audio, Video, and App QoS settings as defined in the script parameters.


QoS settings in Windows are simply registry keys with some values underneath. All this script does behind the scenes is create a .reg file based on a template and imports it. The default settings are fairly standard but are also easy to change to suit your needs or environment. Although the current QoS settings are displayed and exported to a backup .reg file I still recommend caution when running this script in your production environment.

Here is the obligatory comment based help for the script:

As usual, the script has been uploaded to the Microsoft technet gallary and my github repo.