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Lync/S4B Client: Call Forwarding Options Compared

Here is a comparison chart I put together describing the different call forwarding options available to end users or their teams. This covers everything which can be setup by users in Lync as well as team calling (setup by the admin).

When an end user comes to you and asks that a number be forwarded or picked up on other phones you have a few options. Yes, you can start looking at complicated response group configurations but many times you do not need something quite that involved. You also have the option of setting up delegation, call groups, team calls, and simultaneous ring destinations.

Many of these options are accessed directly in the Skype for Business client in the lower left corner:


Here is a little bit of condensed data around these options you can use when making your selection or helping others in how they choose to forward their calls:

Simultaneous Ring Delegate – Simultaneous Ring Delegate – Forward my calls to Group Call Pickup Team Call
Called user can see who has answered the call FALSE FALSE FALSE TRUE TRUE
Endpoints that ring All Endpoints All Endpoints Delegate Endpoints Only Only Called User Endpoints All Endpoints
Call displayed as original inbound caller TRUE FALSE FALSE NA FALSE
Call displayed as user being dialed FALSE TRUE TRUE NA TRUE
Can be configured by end users TRUE TRUE TRUE FALSE TRUE
Can make call on behalf of called user FALSE TRUE TRUE FALSE FALSE


Here is the prettier excel version of ‘Lync – Ring Options‘ with the same information for your convenience.

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