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Artifact Types

2020-04-29 4 min read devops Zachary Loeber

A build pipeline’s job is to create immutable artifacts. The type of artifact you build is highly dependant upon what purpose it serves. This article will go over types of artifacts found in various DevOps pipelines.

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Libvirt Terraform Kubernetes Lab

2020-04-20 7 min read devops terraform Kubernetes Zachary Loeber

I found out that it is relatively easy to setup a local Kubernetes cluster in Linux using terraform and the libvirt provider.

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DevOps Patterns

2020-04-13 11 min read DevOps Pipeline Kubernetes Zachary Loeber

Many standard DevOps patterns are well known at this point. Advances in technology, cloud computing, and workload orchestration in IT have heralded a new generation of DevOps engineer and tooling to meet modern business challenges. In this article we are going to attempt to surface and give name to a few patterns as it relates to the emerging realm of pipelines as code, declarative deployments, multi-cloud, and more.

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