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I eat complexity and am never without a meal.

Get Remote Shadow Volume Information With Powershell

Gather the remote shadow volume information for one or more systems using wmi, alternate credentials, and multiple runspaces. Function supports custom timeout parameters in case of wmi problems and returns shadow volume information, shadow copies, their providers, and settings. You can view verbose information on each runspace thread in realtime with the -Verbose option.

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Use Powershell to Gather Disk/Partition/Mount Point Information

I put together a function for remotely gathering Windows disk information. This was specifically written to accommodate alternate credentials. This script also accounts for the glaring disconnect between win32_Volume and win32_DiskDrive within WMI.

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VMware: Migrating a vCenter virtual appliance to a vCenter Windows server

I finally bit the bullet and migrated my lab from a vCenter virtual appliance to a vCenter Windows server. This is what I did to maintain all my settings and not disrupt any currently running VMs.

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