Zachary Loeber

I eat complexity and am never without a meal.

The Istio Rabbithole

2020-05-06 9 min read devops kubernetes Zachary Loeber

Istio can be overwhelmingly complex but using the istio operator, helmfile, and local kubernetes in docker clusters, we can simplify the learning journey.

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Azure Devops Automated Variable Groups

2020-03-23 7 min read Azure DevOps Pipeline Zachary Loeber

In this article I’ll cover how one can automate creating and updating ADO libraries (aka. variable groups) using pipeline as code.

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Ado Keyvault Linked Var Groups

2020-01-04 6 min read devops azure script Zachary Loeber

Azure DevOps keyvault linked variable groups are not easy to automate but it can be done.

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