Zachary Loeber

I eat complexity and am never without a meal.

Multithreaded System Asset Gathering with Powershell

This function gathers a plethora of useful system information via WMI and multithreading with powershell.

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Enhanced Remote Server Connectivity Testing With Powershell

Test the following connectivity methods to a server: RDP, ping, rpc, wsman, sccm agent, scom agent, and remote registry. Optionally an alternate credential can be used. Versatility is added with options to return only true/false when singular tests are performed.

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Use Powershell to Gather Disk/Partition/Mount Point Information

I put together a function for remotely gathering Windows disk information. This was specifically written to accommodate alternate credentials. This script also accounts for the glaring disconnect between win32_Volume and win32_DiskDrive within WMI.

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